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Traditional PMS Relief, PMS Remedies.

Attention: below traditional PMS relief remedies is just for your reference, we suggest use our natural herbal period pain relief pad to help you out of PMS, It works fast without any side effect. If you want to use below traditional way, please consult a doctor for details, use under doctor's guidance.

As the disease etiology and pathogenesis is unclear, it is lack of specific, standardized treatment, mainly symptomatic treatment.

Thus, first treatment should base on clear main aspects of vary symptoms, according to individual give symptomatic treat, including two aspects:

For mental patients pathological factors give health education, so that patients understand the emergence of physiological symptoms to improve their reaction to the signs, by adjusting the rhythm of daily life, physical activity, improve nutrition, reduce stress of the environment and other methods to relieve the symptoms;

Drug treatment, the applicate central nervous system neurotransmitter active adjustment drugs to subside psychological, mood disorders, or use steroids to inhibit ovulation to eliminate breast pain and other symptoms of severe PMS. For clinical reference, options based upon the main symptoms controlling treatment are as follows:

(A) Strengthen health education:

Make the patient realize that PMS is a common symptoms in women of childbearing age, by adjusting a series of lifestyle and simple medication, can be relieved, so as to eliminate disease concerns and unnecessary spirit burden of the patient, so that before the symptoms occur, patients have mental preparation and take a series living, nutrition and other aspects preventive measures.

(B) Supplementary minerals and vitamins:

Has been widely used to treat PMS. It is reported that daily doses Ca1000mg, Mg360mg luteal phase negative emotions water retention and pain can be improved, but its mechanism is not understood yet, therapeutic effects are also very different. Some patients symptoms significantly improved after treatment, while others completely ineffective.

(C) Correct water retention:

PMS patient does have fluid retention lack of experiments confirmation, therefore it is unnecessary to given diuretics immediately.

Reducing salt intake, supplying calcium, phosphorus, magnesium minerals, if symptoms did not improve, or during the luteal phase gain weight more than 2500g, can give diuretics - spironolactone (spironolactone) 25mg, four times a day, taking it at the 8th to 26th days in the period cycle.

Potassium excretion less, without take more potassium, and less dependence occur. In addition to reduce swelling sense, reduce weight, also relieve symptoms, including drowsiness, lethargy, depression, sadness.

(D) Breast pain:

With bra cups support breast, drink beverages containing caffeine and eat contraceptives can help to relieve symptoms.

The most economical and lesser side effects, oral take megestrol norethisterone (gastronome), which is a kind of anti-androgen and E, synthetic 19- P characteristic norepinephrine steroid.

By blocking breast E receptor, eliminate breast changes periodically, can effectively reduce breast pain and tenderness, and dissipate breast nodules or reduce its volume.

The main side effects are by acne caused by androgen properties. Severe patients can apply danazol.

Bromocriptine can reduce and inhibit the secretion of prolactin, and effectively relieve cyclical breast pain and dissipate breast nodules, but after taking, 40% patient has dizziness, nausea, headaches and other side effects accounted for.

In order to reduce the frequency and severity of side effects, treatment should be initiated with small dosages.

First 1.25mg /d, gradually increase the daily dose of up to 5mg, taking to 14 days before menstruation starting, stop taking after menstruation start.

(E) Control neuropsychiatric symptoms:

PMS often associated with the diagnosis and treatment of mental illness related disciplines.

For severe disorder patients, psychiatrists should take part in to co-treatment. Also through drug treatment only alleviate the symptoms, make the patients feel better, improve functional status, but cannot completely eliminate symptoms.

And because individuals have very different reactions to the drugs, for a particular patient doctor cannot predict in advance what program is better and more efficacy, therefore need to experiment to determine which program before treatment, each treatment experiment must be used three cycles to make clear.

1. Premenstrual anxiety emotion abnormal:

Symptoms that are less than one week should strengthen exercise, adjust the diet, vitamins and minerals and other self-help therapy.

If necessary, in the luteal phase take stabilizer, meprobamate 200 ~ 400mg, or Librium 5 ~ 10mg or diazepam 5mg, 3 times a day. Headache, muscle pain, abdominal pain and other symptoms more prominent patients, could take naproxen (naproxen), the first dose of 500mg, after that every time 250mg, 2 times a day; or mefenamic acid (wet flutter pain) 250 ~ 500mg, 2 ~ 3 times / d.

Sleep disorders (sleep easy, but often wake up at night, imagination, cannot sleep), due to insomnia resulting in daytime fatigue, mood changes, could give doxepin (doxepin), a starting dose of 10mg, can be increased to 25mg if necessary , 1 to 2 hours before bedtime.

2. Gradually increased melancholy emotion disorder before menstruation:

In the whole cycle take antidepressants, such as tricyclic antidepressants, or take nortriptyline (nortriptylin) 25mg at night before sleeping, the dose can be increased as needed, up to 125mg; or clomipramine (clomipramine) 25mg/d, if necessary, can be increased to 75mg/d. Or take fluoxetine (fluoxetine) 20mg every morning, patients with insomnia should avoid take right away when symptoms just start.

3. Cyclothymic behavior temperament:

Manic alternating with mild depression can take anti-manic drugs - buspirone (buspirone).

12 days before menstruation start taking, 25mg/d; or alprazolam (Alprazolam) 0.25 ~ 5mg / d, start take 6 to 14 days before menstruation. Patients which symptoms last longer, take from 14 days before menstruation till the 2nd day of menstruation, 0.25mg, 3 times a day, according to patient response can increments up to 4mg/d, after the start of menstruation daily decrease 25% until the follicular phase, otherwise withdrawal of anxiety may happen.

Atenolol (atenolol), can go across the blood-brain barrier, blocking the CNS and peripheral β- receptors, resulting in sympathetic blockade, can reduce plasma renin activity, inhibition of aldosterone discharge, it can also reduce irritability mood, dose 50mg/d.

(F)Hormone therapy and inhibiting ovulation:

1. Progesterone Therapy:

Although PMS related to progesterone deficiency is not clear yet, but apply progesterone treatment during the luteal phase generally supported by clinical scientists. Common progesterone vaginal suppository, 200 ~ 400mg/d, or oral micronized progesterone 200mg, 2/d.

2. Suppressing ovulation:

Only applicable to patients who take many drug treatment effect is not obvious, or patients which symptom is particularly severe can't live and work properly.

Application GnRHa (leuprolide 3.75mg/monthly intramuscular or buserelin 200mg2 ~ 3 times / d nasal) the highest success rate, but they are costly and require hormone replacement therapy to avoid the consequences of low E hyperlipidemia;

Danazol 200mg/d × 3 months, establish a no ovulation, low-E and androgen environment, fake menopause therapy.

Many PMS symptoms such as depression, irritability, tension, breast pain, swelling and flu, significantly reduced, but androgen have high incidence side effects, and have serious long-term metabolic side effects, such as high-density lipoprotein concentrations decreased, LDL concentration increased, accelerating incidence of cardiovascular disease;

Long-E2 treatment, commonly 0.2mg E2 sticking through the skin, and then plus oral service norethindrone 5mg 19th to 26th days in the menstrual cycle;

Medroxyprogesterone 30mg /d orally, most economic and simple, it has fewer side effects, but the effects are not as good as above three kinds medicines. Some patients may have depression, if found, should stop taking.

If use for few months, it is effective and reliable, could be replaced by long-acting medroxyprogesterone, 150mg, every three month intramuscular injection one time.

The total treatment time is different from different patients, most women will take about two years, some individual even be treated until menopause.

In short, there is no radical drugs to cure PMS (beside our Period Pain Relief Pad), but to control symptoms get satisfactory results. Our Period Relief Pad can help you get rid of PMS after using three periods, fully refund if not work granttee, 6 months return policy.)

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