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About Severe Menstrual Cramps:

severe menstrual cramps

Menstrual Cramps, women before and after menstruation, abdominal or back pain, or even lumbosacral pain.

Each menstrual cycle, may be associated with severe nausea and vomiting, cold sweat dripping, cold limbs, and even fainting, impact work and life.

Current clinical often divide menstrual cramps into primary menstrual cramps and secondary menstrual cramps, primary menstrual cramps is genital no obvious lesions, it is also known as functional menstrual cramps, common in adolescence, unmarried and married women which never born a baby.

Primary menstrual cramps normal can be alleviated or disappear after born a baby.

Secondary menstrual cramps usually caused by organic genital lesions.

If you have sever menstrual cramps, please seek expert help in hospitals, get prompt rehabilitation or treatment, drink rose tea during period can be great help, herbal supplement can work much better than pain relief pills.

For Severe Menstrual Cramps, Severe Period Pain, We Strongly Suggest our Period Pain Relief Pad, below is why:

menstrual cramps relief
  • Usually, severe menstrual cramps is chronic menstrual cramps which is out of control, can't be healed by painkillers or pill.
  • After long term use pain killer, you get resistance to those pills it won't work on your any more.
  • Our period pain relief pad, works total different from painkillers.
  • You don't need or drink any horrible taste medicine, just put one piece on your navel, it absorb from outside work inside, make your body's channel smooth.
  • In Chinese medical theory, if your inner-environment channel are blocked, not smooth, you will feel pain, so, severe menstrual cramps, pain comes from your block in your body's channel.
  • Our period pain relief pad will work on your body's channel, make is moth and clean.
  • It works different way from those painkillers, so, if you have resistance to pain relief pills, our period pain relief pad can be great helpful.
  • Thousands and thousand women used this medicine, no matter how severe the menstrual cramps are, after they use our period pain relief pad, the pain never come back.
  • Trust us, use our period pain relief, will give you a happy life and get rid of menstrual cramps forever.

Severe menstrual cramps has great impact on female friends' work and life, get rid of menstrual cramps!

Learn how to deal with severe menstrual cramps, you should understand the reasons of severe menstrual cramps, choose the right supplements, to get rid of severe menstrual cramps.

How to Get Rid of Period Pain? How to get rid of menstrual cramps?menstrual cramps

If you use our period pain relief pad, use three periods, pain and discomfort will never both you any more, if you don't want use, please read below suggestion, we hope it can help you out too.

1. Balanced diet.

Although a healthy diet cannot eliminated severe menstrual cramps, but to improve health condition of the body can make magic.

Avoid too sweet or salty junk food, they make you sluggish and flatulence, eat more fruits and vegetables chicken and fish, and try eat more time with small meals.

2. Do not use diuretics.

Many women believe that diuretics can reduce swelling feeling of menstrual discomfort, but Mubarak physicians don't agree to use this way.

Diuretics will take important minerals, along with water excreted. Mubarak doctor suggested, reduce the intake of salt and alcohol and other substances which causes water retention should be better.

3. Keep warm.

Keep the body warm will accelerate blood circulation and relax your muscles, especially spasm and congestion in the pelvic area.

Drink hot herbal tea or hot lemon juice, also can put heating pad or hot water bottle on the abdomen.

4. Acupressure.

Foot contain some acupressure points are considered connected to the pelvic region of the gas line. There’s bilateral ankle depression, on the foot, there are acupressure points.

After gently pinch the thumb and other fingers, along the Achilles tendon (Achilles tendon) to the calf, press from right to left, a few minutes each time.

5. Diet.

Honey Milk method: every night before go to sleep, drink a glass of warm milk and add a spoonful of honey can ease or even eliminate the pain of dysmenorrhea.

Why it is so powerful? Because they are rich of minerals, potassium and magnesium, milk contains more potassium, and honey is rich of magnesium.

Studies shows that potassium solidification is extremely important for nerve impulse conduction and all the body's cells function, it can ease the emotional pain suppression to prevent infection and reduce menstrual blood loss; Magnesium can help the brain nerve impulse conduction, help the active substance of neurohormonal effects maintained at normal levels.

In the late menstruation, magnesium can also play the role of psychological adjustment, helps the body to relax, to eliminate the psychological tension and reduce stress.

6. Massage.

First with the thumb press navel for a few minute.

Then supine position, with the right palm press the lower abdomen (below the navel) for about 3 minutes, then push the friction from the umbilical (genitals in front of high bone) 30 minutes.

Do this self-massage one week before the beginning of menstruation everyday till 3 days after menstruation finished.

7. taking painkillers.

Aspirin and acetaminophen can relieve menstrual pain. However, more effective medicines include AdvilHaltranMedipren and Nuprin.

These drugs containing ibuprofen, can inhibit prostaglandins. When the menstrual cramps start, drink a little milk or eat some food before take the painkillers, so as not to hurt the stomach, continued to take to until the menstrual cramps disappear.

8. Herbal treatment have no side effect, and work better for menstrual cramps, should be better choice.

There's many herbal treatment which is easy and convenience on the internet, search google, you will find a lot, it worth a try more than those painkillers, most of them you need eat it, it may taste good or not good taste, but you need make it, and eat or drink

Our period pain relief pad, you just need stick one piece on you navel, it absorb from the point (CV7) of body's channel, made by herbs, no side effect, can heal period pain, make you feel comfortable like normal, not only release the pain, worth a try! Use three periods, you will get rid of menstrual cramps forever!

Severe Menstrual Cramps, Natural Herbal Relief Remedies

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