Questions about Our Period Pain Relief Pad.

No Risk to Try this Miracle Period Pain Relief Pad.

Yes you can Get Rid of Menstrual Cramps Period Pain and PMS Forever.


Below is the questions you may ask about our miracle period pain relief pad.

Is it safe to use this herbal period pain relief pad?

Yes, sure. This herbal period pain relief pad is made by plants and herbs, with no side effects. You stick it on your navel so you don't eat it so nothing is absorbed from your stomach as it absorb directly from the point of your body's channel, work directly to your uterus and ovaries, work much better and more stronger than eat medicines absorb from stomach.

Don't use it when your pregnant, don't use it on injure skin, don't use it when skin allergy. We are not responsible of any problem caused by using this products when pregnant, using on injure skin or when you have a skin allergy.

Are you sure it works so good? why price is so cheap?

I have tested myself, yes, I tried hundred other different ways before using this period pain relief pad, this pad is my best choice. I have also tested with so many people; my family, my friend and they have all said it works like miracle, my sister is a doctor in China and her patients used it. They are all very thankful as they also see results, for sure it will help you get out of the hell of difficult menstrual periods.

Price cheap, my main goal is to help women out of the horrible menstrual cramps and pain and difficulties, if I can make little bit money out of it, of course it is good, but that is not the main goal.

Price not expensive, more women will try the product and will use this miracle herbal period pain relief pad to get out of the horrible thing. To me I will feel more happy than make lot of money. Also, I import this products directly from trustable manufacture and try to save cost of products and shipping, your cost will be the lowest.

How can I trust you?

Just give yourself a chance, not too much money, why not have a try? No risk, buy $20 two piece to try first. If it doesn't work on you, just give us an e-mail and we will refund your money.

We trust you if it really works, you will not care about the $20, and will buy more to get out of the hell of difficult menstrual period.

Thousand and thousand Chinese women have tried it and have all said it is the best and only one can really get rid of difficult menstrual period.

I went to America, in 2007 and I got so many help from American people, they give me a ride, they buy me bus ticket, they give me directions, this is a good country out. I hope I can help people in some ways too, but I am not rich, I dont even drive. I hope this can help people.

I tell my private stories on this public website, I want you trust me, so as you can get out of the hell of menstrual periods pains like I did.

I don't want to put lots of money on TV advertising and have to raise the price; I don't want to pay expensive rent to build up a shop to charge you a lot, bad economics, everybody is tight.

I have made this website myself, I know people will search a natural way to get out of menstrual period cramps, pains, difficulties on internet, more people can find me here than in a shop or on TV, good luck! Hope you feel happy like me after you using this product.

To make you find this miracle period pain relief pad, I study how to make a website and how to do SEO whenever I have time, just because I want this miracle pad can help more and more women, I hope you can trust me, I really want to help you not just for money.

I am a major in medicine in China, I have been a business women for more than 15 years, as a Chinese doctor and I was educated to help people out of sickness as my mission. As a business woman, I swear to myself I will not to make a penny by cheating, my English is not good, and I am not a professional to build a website, but please trust me about this products, give yourself a chance!

Can I return it back to you get a refund if it now work on me?

I am pretty sure you will not return because this miracle pad will really help you out of the horrible pains and discomfort of difficult menstrual periods forever, but yes, you can return it to us any time, we will fully refund you, if you only buy $20 two pieces to try, just need e-mail us, we will refund you, you don't need return.

How long I need use it? how often I need use it?

You only need to stick 1pcs to your navel or one inch under your naval or three inches under your naval.

If the pain is too serious, you just need put one more at the back of your navel. Every 12 hours one piece will be enough, no need eat any medicine, it will not only release you, but will make you feel comfortable like normal.

Usually use three periods you will never have painful Menstrual Cramps Period Pain and PMS any more. Some may need use one or two periods more, this medicine can help you get out of Menstrual Cramps Period Pain forever.

Are you sure this herbal pad can really heal Menstrual Cramps Period Pain or PMS? I never heard that.

I never heard that too, I regret I never heard this, otherwise I would not suffer difficult menstrual period for so many years. I just heard this miracle pad a few month ago, after I used it, get rid of the difficult menstrual period problems, I was so happy.

Yes, sure it works, and it is the only one can heal you, after I use three period, all the pains, headaches, depressions...all the syndromes will go away never bother you anymore!

This pad herbs absorbs from the point of your body's channel, work directly to your uterus and oariums, restrain circulation, get rid of toxin and improve complexion of your inner environment.

It is the only one can heal you from difficult menstrual period, dislike all the other medicines doctors ever gave you, those only release your pain and discomfort cannot heal you.

It is not just because I try to sell you this product to talk bad about those doctor's medicine, it is because I tried those medicine myself, first it really relief my pain, I using for a while, my body get resistance to those traditional medicine, it does not work on me anymore, every time, no matter how many medicines I ate, they didn't work on me anymore until I find this miracle herbal period pain relief pad.

Are you sure if I introduce customers to you, I will get 10% commission, how do i know?

Yes, sure, you can ask your friend your family member if they have bought or not, check how much we need to pay you and we hope you can help more and more women out of difficult menstrual period.

Every time, you sell, you will get 10% commission, it is easy to check because you work on it, you will know who bought and how much they bought from us, and from the customers you introduce both, you can check with them very time to make sure that we are honest with you.

If this If this herbal period pain relief pad really works well, I want to sell it too, how can that work?

If you are a doctor, you can introduce this website to your patients, just need give us their names, addresses, each time they buy, we will send you commission, if you want to buy wholesale, contact us, we will give you quotation and you can sell yourself in your clinic.

If you are not a doctor, you don't have a clinic or shop, you can introduce to all your friends, family members, you can introduce on Facebook, on your blog, you can buy wholesale or just introduce this website to them work together with us.