Period symptoms, early period, how do you know your period is coming? Period blood, signs of a period coming.

Symptoms of periods, brown period blood.

Period problems, not a big problem, here we can help you.

Period symptoms, early period, signs of a period coming. 

Period symptoms can be different according to different women's situation. Period symptoms usually have some of command performance, but because physical difference, symptoms can have a big difference. This means some women may be very serious, some women not obvious and some dont even get symptons.

Due to periods, premenstrual sex hormone suddenly reduced, affect the whole body system and the body will response. These reactions usually occur 7-14 days before menstruation where cramps increase 2-3 days before the period, the symptoms gradually reduce and disappear. In medical, these more obvious changes are called premenstrual stress disorder.

Symptoms of periods, early period, signs of period coming:

  • Mental symptoms: sensitive, irritability, general fatigue, and sometimes can cause headaches, insomnia, distracted and so on.
  • somatic symptoms: facial and hands swelling, abdominal bloating sense, some people bloating, most girls have constipation, abdominal pain, fall and breast tenderness and so on.

Period symptoms: brown discharge before period, brown period blood, early period, period blood, signs of a period coming.

Brown discharge before period is not normal, brown premenstrual discharge is due to organic pathologic changes caused by disease or drugs.

Including germinal system inflammation, cancer and developmental abnormalities and malnutrition.

Generally speaking, period blood is dark red, if the period blood is red, brown, light yellow color, or black, from Chinese medical perspective is a deficiency of vital energy, it has a cold syndrome or heat syndrome.

Brown discharge before the period can often be cured by paying attention to menstrual hygiene or with traditional Chinese medicine treatment.

There are many factors in daily life that can cause brown discharge before periods, the main reason is ovulation bleeding (common gynecological diseases).

Modern medical says it caused by insufficient of estrogen. Ovulation bleeding, also known as mid-cycle bleeding known as bleeding between periods, refers to a small amount of bleeding between twice the normal menstrual bleeding. This can associate with varying degrees of abdominal pain.

Period symptoms: Pre-menstrual leucorrhea discharge increase, early period, signs of a period coming.

Before periods, a leucorrhea discharge increase is due to the gradual expansion of the cervix during menstruation, columnar epithelial cells in cervical canal function become strong, mixed increased mucus and vaginal secretions flow out, cervical and vaginal blood flow more than usual too, so vaginal exudate and cervical secretions increase, therefore, will naturally increase vaginal secretions.

In addition, some young women ovulation period in the middle of two menstrual cycles or after exertion, vaginal discharge will also increase. Such increased vaginal discharge associated with menstruation, is a normal physiological phenomenon.

When vaginal discharge increases, you should clean the vulva with warm water every day, to keep the vagina clean and prevent inflammation. If you still have a lot of vaginal discharge after menstruation, or discharge becomes like pus, smell bad, it is not normal and you need go to the hospital for gynecological examination and treatment.

Period symptoms: chest pain before menstruation, early period, signs of a period coming.

In general, chest or periodic breast pain or tingling close to the menstrual cycle, relieve or disappear after periods, mostly caused by hormonal changes.

In fact, most women chest pain is not serious, but some women ipsilateral armpit or upper body will involve, even just touches can cause pain, "these women should go to the hospital for breast examination as soon as possible, consider proliferative lesions, when necessary, use danazol, tamoxifen or some blood scattered silt drugs to ease the pain.

Chest pain before menstruation can be relieved by the following method:

  • 1, salt reduction campaign

7-10 days before menstruation should avoid high-salt foods because high-salt food will make breasts swell. Women always eat in restaurants needs attention, restaurant food often add a lot of seasoning, salt contains much higher than its home food.

If you eat a lot of salty stews or snacks and do not drink a lot of water immediately, because drink water will not balance the salt, but will allow the salt to penetrate into the blood through the liquid, press vessels.

  • 2, heat pad

Heat pad is a direct and effective means of mitigation. When you feel breast tenderness, you can use a towel wrapped hot water bottle, wrap it in the chest. If the result is not satisfactory, you can prepare a pot of cold water, make the towel wet, deposited alternately with hot and cold.

Alternatively, you can use hot castor oil. Because castor oil contains a substance to enhance lymphocyte function. Drops castor oil in the gauze, then apply to the face, to prevent clothes from being dirty, wrap with plastic bag, then heat together with a hot water bottle or hot towel for about 1 hour.

  • 3, vitamins, reduce prolactin

Prolactin can cause swelling of the breast. Therefore intake of foods rich in vitamin C and vitamin B, regulate the manufacture of prostaglandin E, help suppress prolactin production.

  • 4, chest pain relief massage

Stimulate the surrounding breast, can promote blood and lymphatic circulation, 7-10 days before menstruation, nightly massage to relieve the pain.

Approach: First wrap one side of the breast with both hands, palms gently from left and right sides. Then use thumb tightened push the breast from bottom to top. So each time repeat 10 times. Note When breast tenderness, best not to massage the breasts to avoid too much stimulation.

  • 5, guard against caffeine

Medical experiments show that quit the habit of drinking coffee every day, breast tenderness will be significantly improved. Of course, not only stop take coffee but also to stay away from caffeinated chocolate, cola, tea, even some painkillers which contain caffeine, to ease the pain.

  • 6, the intake of low-fat high-fiber foods

In the week before menstruation, eat whole grains, whole wheat, and other low-fat high-fiber foods can improve the nutritional balance of the body, relieve pain.

  • 7, fit bras

Breast bra too small will compression the beast because poor blood circulation, causing pain, and bra too big will lead to the breast cannot be fixed, hurt during exercising.