Period Cramps but no Period (not pregnant), Cramping but no Period, Period Symptoms but no Period, Period pains but no Period, Period Pain but no Period Can be Healed.

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Period Cramps but no Period, Cramping but no Period, Period Symptoms but no Period, Period pains but no Period, Period Pain but no Period.

cramping but no periodPeriod cramps but no period is amenorrhea with period pain.

Amenorrhea (no period) is a common gynecological disease symptoms can be caused by a variety of different reasons.

Amenorrhea is usually divided into primary and secondary Amenorrhea.

When passing over the age of 18 who don't have periods yet called primary amenorrhea; after menarche, menopause (pregnancy or lactation except), menstrual closed over six months are called secondary amenorrhea.

This distinction is largely artificial, since the primary and secondary amenorrhea basic elements may sometimes be caused by the same.

However, in providing clues to the etiology and prognosis when this division is valuable, for example, the majority of congenital abnormalities, including developmental ovarian tissue or Mullerian anomalies caused by the inclusion of amenorrhea primary amenorrhea, while following amenorrhea is caused by acquired diseases, and can be easier cured.

Period Cramps but no Period (not Pregnant), Cramping but no Period, Period Symptoms but no Period, Period pains but no Period Causes.

cramps but no periodPeriod Cramps period pain causes has not yet been fully understood, it may be related to physical weakness, nervousness, feeling allergies or cervix or cervical stenosis, uterine dumping excessive flexion, endometrial block off, causing blood retention, stimulate uterine contractions; or uterus membrane fragments and blood content of prostaglandin F2d abnormally high, causing the uterine muscle contraction and spasm and other factors.

By eating more raw fruits and fatigue, can help to avoid period cramps but no period.

Amenorrhea, menstruation menopause in addition to three months or more, but also with other symptoms, such as stunted, pale complexion, breasts flat, Shenpi shortness of breath, period cramps.

From modern medicine, amenorrhea reasons are varied, there is fear, anxiety, sadness, anger, stress and other psychological factors; living environment has changed; uterus problems; there is the phenomenon of false pregnancy desire pregnancy dysplasia, endometrial tuberculosis, surgery or injury and other radioactive substances; ovarian and pituitary disease, cancer, etc. can cause amenorrhea.

If you eat too much cold food in the summer it will easily induce amenorrhea. Amenorrhea is a common gynecological clinical, slightly affect health, but can affect fertility.

Physiological amenorrhea without treatment, pathologic amenorrhea will have to find out the reason, do symptomatic treatment.

Physiologic and pathologic amenorrhea points. Before puberty, pregnancy, lactation, menopause after menstruation stops, belong to the physiological amenorrhea.

Pathological amenorrhea:

Menstruation caused by hypothalamus - pituitary - ovarian axis cyclical adjustment, caused the formation of endometrial shedding cycle, so the hypothalamus, pituitary, ovaries and reproductive tract of any organic especially appear on all aspects of the uterus or the functional changes are likely to cause amenorrhea.

Other endocrine glands of organic and functional abnormalities that may affect the occurrence of menstruation can cause amenorrhea.

Period Cramps but no Period (not Pregnant), Cramping but no Period, Period Symptoms but no Period, Period Pains but no Period Traditional Treatment.

period cramps but no period1 cause of treatment.

Find organic diseases which caused amenorrhea give appropriate treatment. Such as tuberculosis endometritis.

To anti-tuberculosis treatment. Intrauterine adhesions patients should be expanded and placed intrauterine contraceptive ring, to prevent adhesions again.

Pituitary or ovarian cancer after diagnosis, according to tumor location, size, nature determine treatment options, choose surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, other comprehensive measures.

2 Hormone Replacement Therapy.

Ovarian congenital dysplasia, or ovarian dysfunction or premature destruction that were available hormone replacement therapy.

General artificial cycle of hormone therapy. After application of sex hormones, menstrual-like bleeding cyclical withdrawal herbs, on the one hand to correct physiological and psychological state of the patient, on the other hand promote the reproductive organs and secondary sexual characteristics have a certain degree of development.

period pains but no period(1) low-dose estrogen therapy cycle and its role is to promote the pituitary secretion of luteinizing hormone, thereby increasing ovarian secretion of estrogen and promote ovulation.

(2) estrogen and progesterone sequential therapy and its role is to inhibit the hypothalamus - pituitary axis, may resume after stopping menstruation and ovulation.

(3) estrogen and progestin combination therapy and its role is to inhibit pituitary gonadotropin, occasional rebound effect after stopping, leaving menstruation and ovulation.

Use of oral contraceptives night for 1 second, starting from the fifth day of menstruation, and even served 22 days withdrawal.

The first five days next menstruation started a second course, sharing 3 to 6 cycles.

(4) to induce ovulation , such as ovarian function is not failure, and patients who require fertility, ovulation can be induced by hormone or an analog thereof: pituitary dysfunction in postmenopausal women using urine extracted follicle-stimulating hormone (hMG), to induce follicular development, the secretion of estrogen.

And the combined application of similar pituitary luteinizing hormone human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), follicle that can promote ovulation, and to promote the formation and development of the corpus luteum. When low sexual function have normal ovaries and pituitary response, the hypothalamus insufficiency or lack of coordination, namely chlorine Diaminodiphenyl promote the secretion of hypothalamic gonadotropin-releasing hormone to correct its function and induce ovulation.

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Period Cramps but no Period (not Pregnant and lactation breastfeeding)

Period Cramps (Pains) but no Period (not Pregnant and lactation breastfeeding), Natural Herbal Relief Remedies

Period Cramps but no Period (not Pregnant and lactation breastfeeding), Period Pains but no Period (not Pregnant and lactation breastfeeding) Remedies - Period Pain Relief.
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