What Causes Period Pain, Dysmenorrhea Causes.

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Causes of Primary Dysmenorrhea

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In primary dysmenorrhea , the uterus works harder than normal to dislodge its lining and the resulting contractions and associated ischemia (reduced blood flow) cause pain.

The hormone-like compounds that prompt these contractions are prostaglandins.

Women with primary dysmenorrhea tend to have raised levels of prostaglandins, which cause more intense contractions of the uterus than normal. The reason for the increased prostaglandins is not known.

Causes of Secondary Dysmenorrhea, What Causes Period Pain?

Some of the causes of secondary dysmenorrhea include:

  • Endometriosis – the cells lining the uterus can move to other areas of the pelvis, causing severe pain during periods.
  • Fibroids – benign tumors made of muscle and tissue can grow inside the uterus and are thought to be affected by the sex hormone estrogen.

Treatment for Period Pain - Treatment for Primary and Secondary Dysmenorrhea

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  • 1.Cervical stenosis lead to menstrual outflow obstruction, causing dysmenorrhea.

  • 2.Uterine hypoplasia easily cause uterus abnormal blood supply, resulting in uterine ischemia, hypoxia cause dysmenorrhea.

  • 3.Abnormal position of the uterus (uterus extreme backward or forward, can make blood unobstructed caused dysmenorrhea.

  • 4.Mental, neurological factors women over-sensitive lead to dysmenorrhea.

  • 5.Genetic factors, mother and daughter both dysmenorrhea.

  • 6.Endocrine factors, menstrual period, luteal phase progesterone elevated.

  • 7.Endometrial and menstrual blood prostaglandin (PG) level increased, prostaglandin E2 (PGE2) work on uterine muscle fibers make it shrink cause dysmenorrhea . Patients endometrial tissue prostaglandin content was significantly higher than normal women.

  • 8.Excessive uterine contractions. Although patients with dysmenorrhea uterine contraction pressure and normal women basically the same (normal pressure of about 4.9Kpa), but uterine contractions longer duration, and it is difficult to completely relax, so excessive uterine contractions caused dysmenorrhea.

  • 9.Abnormal uterine contractions. Dysmenorrhea patients often have abnormal uterine contractions, which often lead to uterine smooth muscle ischemia, ischemia can cause uterine muscle spasm, resulting in dysmenorrhea.

  • 10.Gynecological diseases such as endometriosis, pelvic inflammatory disease, adenomyosis, uterine fibroids, and so on. Place IUD (commonly known as IUD) in utero also easy to cause dysmenorrhea.

  • 11.Girls menarche, psychological stress, sedentary lead to deterioration of blood circulation, blood running sluggish, eat cold food, etc., causing dysmenorrhea.

  • 12.Menstrual periods strenuous exercise, cold, wet invasion, are easy to cause dysmenorrhea.

  • 13.Upset chemical odors pollute from some industrial, such as gasoline, banana water, etc., cause dysmenorrhea.