How to Stop Period Pains, Natural Menstrual Cramps Relief, Period Pain Remedies.

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You may think of antibiotics, antidepressants, birth control pills, prescription anti-inflammatory medicines, prescription pain relievers (including narcotics, for brief periods) and so on.

Above ways may reduce your pain, but do not make you feel comfortable, and those pain-killers sometimes harm your stomach due in long term use, your body may cause resistance to those medicines.

Below is why Period Pain Relief is your best choice of Dysmenorrhea.

Period Pain Relief can get rid of the pain forever not only reduce the pain temporarily, thousands of women used it, they all said it is the best!

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This natural herbal Dysmenorrhea reliever produced base on Chinese medical's working on outside to dealing with inside sickness theory, using the function of the points of the body with advanced technology, working on the channel of your whole body, improving circulatory system and cell metabolism, stimulating circulation to end stasis, healing the root of cold uterus, Period Pain Menstrual Cramps PMS and other sickness of women.

Flexible work on target, persistent effect, dispel coldness, regulate the flow of vital energy and remove obstruction to it, disperse blood stasis and dredge collateral, improve liver and kidney condition, recover vital energy and blood.

Made by plants and herbs, promise best effect, no side effect, no resistance and dependence. helped millions women get out of the pain and discomfort.

Healthy, safe, no side effect, stick on your skin, no need to absorb from your stomach and will not harm your liver or kidney or stomach. They are also very comfortable to use.

Absorb through channel points 100% working rate as it works on your channels and doesn't absorb through stomach, no waist, works more efficiently, more convenience to use.

Absorbs from the points of your body channel, warm up your uterus, and make your body channel smooth, in Chinese medical, if your body is cold and your channel are not smooth, you will get sick feeling pains.

Working from outside, solving the problems inside the body, to those who seriously impacted by Dysmenorrhea, who feel cold, disgusting, and stressed out while Dysmenorrhea have great curativeeffect.

Strengthens the function of ovary wholly, regulates endocrine and reproductive system, improves dysmenorrhea, irregular menstruation and leukorrhea, balances hormone level.

Short course of treatment, fast curative effect, no recurrence. only use 1 to 3 course of treatment will be healed 100 percent from menstrual period pains or cramps. other medicine use some periods of time will lose effect, and you need use time by time, this one, use three menstrual period will heal you, not only release you temporarily.

Traditional Dysmenorrhea Treatment, MenstrualCramps Relief.

period pain relief

To relieve mild menstrual cramps:

    For best relief, you should take ibuprofen as soon as bleeding or
  • cramping starts, You may take aspirin or another pain reliever such as acetaminophen,
  • Place a heating pad or hot water bottle on your lower back or abdomen.
  • Rest when needed.
  • Avoid cold food, foods that contain caffeine.
  • Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol.
  • Massage your lower back and abdomen.

Women who exercise regularly often have less menstrual pain. To help prevent cramps, make exercise a part of your weekly routine.

If these steps do not relieve pain, your health care provider can order medications for you, including ibuprofen or another anti-inflammatory medication (higher dose than is available over-the-counter). Also, oral contraceptives may be prescribed because women who take oral contraceptives have less menstrual pain.

If all above can't help you, try out period pain relief pad, it will help you get stop periods pains forever.