Background of Period Pain Relief Pad.

How Period Pain Relief Pad Works.

Why Period Pain Relief pad is the best for Menstrual Cramps, Period Pain.

Feather of this severe menstrual cramps herbal pad by Period Pain Relief:

Made by plants and herbs, with a promise of postive effects and no nasty side effect, no resistance and dependence. Helped millions women get out of the pain and discomfort.

China patent products, patent number: ZL200710054676, most trustable products of women in China. We have just come to America and we will work on certificates in America shortly.

Healthy, safe, no side effect, stick on your skin, no need absorb from your stomach, will not harm your liver or kidney or stomach, very comfortable to use.

Absorb through channel points, 100% works, works on channel, doesn't absorb through stomach, no waist and works more efficiently, more convenience to use.

Flexible work on target, persistent effect, dispel coldness, regulate the flow of vital energy and remove obstruction to it, disperse blood stasis and dredge collateral, improve liver and kidney condition, recover vital energy and blood.

Short course of treatment, fast curative effect, no recurrence, only use 1 to 3 course of treatment will be healed 100 percent from menstrual period pains or cramps.

Other medicine use some periods of time will lose effect, and you need use time by time, this one, use three menstrual period will heal you, not only release you temporarily.

Background of This Period Pain Menstrual Cramps PMS Reliever by Period Pain Relief

The ingredient of this Period Pain Menstrual Cramps PMS herbal reliever is a secret of China, use Chinese medical theory work on women's reproductive system to heal Period Pain Menstrual Cramps PMS, work outside of the body solve the problems inside the body.

Chinese medical professionals had been studied nine years produced the first miracle Period Pain Menstrual Cramps PMS remedy, for unfertile, chronic pelvic inflammation, Endometriosis, Uterine fibroids, Adenomyosis, Cervical stenosis have outstanding curative effect, also upkeep ovary, improve your uterus's function.

Have been helping millions of women feel the joy of life after using this Period Pain Menstrual Cramps PMS remedy.

General Overview of This Herbal Period Pain Menstrual Cramps PMS Reliever Pad by Period Pain Relief

This natural Period Pain Menstrual Cramps PMS reliever use herbs and plants working on your body, use the heat of the pad to make the body absorb the herbs.

Working from outside, solving the problems inside the body, to those who seriously impacted by Period Pain Menstrual Cramps PMS, who feel cold, disgusting, and stressed out while in periods have great curative effect.

Strengthens the function of ovary wholly, regulates endocrine and reproductive system, improves dysmenorrhea, irregular menstruation and leucorrhea and balances hormone level.

Absorbs from the points of your body channel, warm up your uterus, and make your body channel smooth, in Chinese medical, is days if your body is cold and your channel not smooth, you will get sick feel pain.

Theory of Period Pain Relief pad:

This herbal Period Pain Menstrual Cramps PMS reliever produced base on Chinese medical's working on outside to dealing with inside sickness theory, using the function of the points of the body with advanced technology, working on the channel of your whole body, improving circulatory system and cell metabolism, stimulating circulation to end stasis, healing the root of cold uterus, get rid of period pain, menstrual cramps, PMS and other sickness of women.

Attention before Using This herbal Period Pain Menstrual Cramps PMS Reliever

1. Stick of one of the points on your belly per instruction, do not eat it.
2. Use it your body's temperature, warm up is good but don't heat it up.
3. Pregnant, high fever, damaged skin, bleeding tendency body don't use it.
4. If the skin for use Period Pain Relief break, please stop using it temporarily, after it recovered you can use it again.