How to Use this menstrual cramps period pain and PMS Relief Pad

Stick this menstrual cramps period pain and PMS Relief Pad to one of the Point on Your Belly Every 12 Hours

Easy to Use Fast Effect without Side Effect

Before using this miracle menstrual cramps period pain and PMS relief pad, you need to know below point:

period painperiod pain relief

Point cv 8, which is your navel.
Point cv 7, which is 1 inch under your navel,
Point cv 4, which is 3 inch under your navel.
Point cv 3, which is at your back, the same level as your navel.

Above description of the point maybe not clear, please check on google for better explain.

How to use it:
    1. Clean and shave above point's area, so as you can apply the herbal pad on.
    2. Put your herbal on one of the point, every 12 hours take it off put another one.
    3. If you feel itch, just remove it put to another point of above.
    4. If your pain too serious, you need put one on one of the point cv 8, cv 7, or cv 4 an other one on cv 3.

How long you need use:

Most women (99%) use three periods and then will be fine, no period pains and discomfort any more, 1% maybe need use another one or two period more.


Don't use it when pregnant don't use it on injure skin, don't use it when skin allergy.

We are not responsible of any problem caused by using this products when pregnant, using on injure skin, when you have skin allergy.